Be Prepared, Something Will Break...

That’s what we were told and of course knew would happen. The boat was straight out of winter storage and the amount of things to be fixed and repaired is thus double, if not triple, the usual maintenance work. Oh well, we’ve learned a lot, and start to know the boat inside out. And luckily there has not been anything keeping us away from sailing and moving forward.

It’s been super helpful having more experienced sailors on board who have gone through most of the ‘things that will and can break on a boat’ scenarios. All in all, seems that we have managed to put together a crew with complementary skills, making the everyday boat life run smoothly.

Last night we arrived in Kalmar marina to wait for the strong winds to pass and to fix the heating engine. It’s been a few cold nights with the heating engine working only in the other hull! The engine is still in pieces though so we’ll see when we get the heat up… Double blankets and sleeping bags until then!

Entry to Kalmar was tight and an exciting navigation experience at midnight! There’s a marina fair here this weekend so lot’s of people and things going on here today. Now it’s time for the Champions League final and burgers! Tomorrow, if weather allows, we will start a longer leg towards Kiel.

Last updated 6 July, 2013