Boat Grill is a Must Have!

Grill is the best investment we have made to this boat! We knew from the beginning we want to have one but only started to search for it in La Coruña.

Grilling is the ultimate way to cook on a boat! We use ours almost every day!

It took us all the way to Santa Ponsa in Mallorca, however, to finally get it. It was not an easy task to find a store selling boat grills. And since we never exactly knew where and how long we would stay, it was impossible to order one to a specific store. Finally in Mallorca we got lucky.

There was no other choice except size – the store was only selling one brand: Magma. After using it for more than a month now, we have no complaints! Ours uses coal, which has worked perfectly and gives a yummy ‘grill’ taste.

Burgers was the first thing we made, of course:

Can't get much simpler and better than this! And grill master has a winning grill sauce for the steak!

Last updated 8 October, 2013