The Coolest And Toughest Thing

That’s it, project ’Sail Around Europe’ is over!

150 days, 11 countries, some 5000 sea miles, 18.1 knots in the speed meter, rain, sunshine, dolphins, thunder, tornados, fresh seafood, nightshifts, 40 knots of wind, sunsets, 10 kilo tuna, fixing, more fixing, winching, reefing, shrimps on the roof, grilling, snorkeling, failed anchorages, climbing the mast, internet access, no internet access, dinghy rides, fireworks, port wine, kebab on the plate, ice creams, hiking, books, lying in the net, visitors, angry port police, beautiful bays… So many good memories! Painful moments as well, for sure, but who wouldn’t need some calibration to appreciate things!

We had an ambitious plan when we embarked on this journey. This is what we had in mid:

And this is what out log book says:

Sailing is slow even at 18 knots, we learned that much! There was no chance to follow though the original plan without continuously sailing. Still, we never managed to spend more than 7 days in one place. And that happened once!

We boarded this boat to see how we like boat life, to challenge ourselves, and to embark on a big adventure. Looking back, it’s definitely the coolest and toughest thing we have done! So far!

Now it’s time for life on land - with continuous Internet! But it’s also time to start thinking about the next sailing adventure…

Last updated 10 November, 2013