The Endless To-Do List

To make a dream come true, one has to put aside countless hours of work. There is a saying ’Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in you life’. Well, yes and no.

Of course it doesn’t feel like the normal ’9 to 5’ job feels like but it’s nevertheless hard work. But it’s the dream that makes you forget you’re tired when you are fixing webpages at 2am.

’To-do-boat’, ’crewhunt’, ’shopping list’, ’’, ’journey planning’ – you name it, we’ve got it! To avoid loosing documents to the black hole also know as Desktop, we use Google drive. Points to Google for sure, it has really saved our boat project by enabling easy sharing of up-to-date (always!) files.

The biggest things on the list are of course getting the boat properly equipped, finding crew to join sailing the boat down to Portugal and collecting charts. And this webpage we wanted to set up. Luckily we know and have met some very skillful and friendly people that have helped us come closer to the goal – a big thank you to you all!

After the final ’check’, it’s time to throw the bowlines!

Last updated 9 May, 2013