Favorites List No 1

We haven’t been eating out very much at all – the first weeks were non-stop sailing and after we reached Spain, the amazing selection of fresh (sea) food in stores and markets has led to a lot of cooking on the boat. That’s a guarateed way to get excatly want you want – at least most of the times!

We will never forget the first home made sea food luch we had in Viviero!

Fresh moules for lunch - 2 kilos of them!

We have, however, found a few restaurants and bars we want to highlight as truly worth the visit and money:

Le Crabe Martenau in Brest
This restaurant is located in the waterfront of Brest, close to the city’s new harbor . The name of the place gives indication on the focus of the menu – and that’s crabs! Dining there is truly an experience!

Dinner table at Le Crabe Martenau.

The Yetman Hotel in Porto
This luxorious hotel on top of a hill in Porto has one of the best views in town. There is a restaurant and bar on the top floor, serving excellent food and port wine based drinks. The bar side is more relaxed and less expensive.

What a view over the old town of Porto!

Masala in Cascais
Masala is an Indian restaurant in Cascais, a beach town just outside of Lisbon. Don’t know if it was an overdose of home cooked seafood or what but they served the best Indian food we have ever tasted! Based on the popularity of the place, we were not the only ones who thought so!

Yacth Club in Portimão
This is a Caribbean style chilled bar and restaurant just in front of the anchorage spot in Portimão. Live music on Friday evening – can’t get much better! There’s no webiste or directions, but looking from the beach, it’s the red roofed bar on the left side of the beach.

Can't get much more chill than this!

Last updated 8 October, 2013