Italian Style

We love Italy! The food, the gelato, the architecture… Did we mention food? Italy’s definitely got taste and style!

We have now spent two weeks in Italy, after quite some time in Spain. Both have their pros and cons. The biggest pro for Italy is definitely the way it has managed exploitation of nature to cater for tourism. Spain is full of huge (and often ugly) hotel complexes. You don’t see that in Italy really. Surely there are many very touristic towns in Italy – yet, they look tasteful and are built respecting the old architecture and nature. It also feels like most holidaymakers in Sardinia and Sicily are local, and the islands are lacking the huge crowds of foreign tourists, which helps maintaining a more authentic feeling.

Italian kitchen also easily beats the Spanish one. Both countries have excellent ingredients for cooking but when it comes to eating out, we pick Italy! A discussion about gelato is unnecessary…

During the past week we have been exploring the northern coastline of Sicily, and have found some real gems, Capo San Vito and Cefalu being our favorites.

Here’s a few pics from Sardinia and Sicily:

View through the town walls of Cefalu to the sea.

Almost too narrow for a car! Street view of old town Cefalu.

Beautiful old architecture in Cefalu.

Trapani fish market offering.

Melon wagon at the Trapani street market.

Trapani street market stall.

Only reason to recommend a visit to Villasimius - excellent gelateria!

Quiet streets of Santa Lucia.

Beach bar at Isola Tavolara.

Unfortunately time is running out, and soon it’s time to leave Italy behind and head east towards Greece. Excited about that also, of course!

Last updated 8 October, 2013