Tailwinds All The Way!

How about that! We cannot stop to be amazed by how lucky we’ve been with the winds. All the way from the start!

It’s been serious sailing all the way as well. Only a few sleepovers at the marinas in Kalmar, Kiel, Rendsburg and Dover. Otherwise we’ve been sailing non-stop for 14 days. Last night we arrived to Brest for some well-deserved rest!

Yesterday and the night before were the most exhausting hours so far as our batteries died during nightshift. This meant no engine, no autopilot, no GPS… We spent a few hours listing our alternatives, and decided to try to replace the old batteries in daylight. Luckily that worked out with two engineers on board to do the job – it would have been tricky trying to get the boat to a marina safely with 20 knots of wind and no help from the engines.

Today we’ve been charging batteries, both the crew’s and the boat’s.

Here's a few pictures along the way from Kiel to Brest:

Marina view in Kiel.

White cliffs of Dover.

Surfing the waves on Cotes du Nord. 14 knots!

Coastline just north of Brest at sunset. The most beautiful one so far!

Last updated 5 July, 2013