View From Above

Sooner or later we were bound to face climbing to the mast. For us, it was later than sooner - luckily. Way nicer to be up there on a calm and warm day in Med than in the freezing cold on the wavy Atlantic coast!

The first time was a bit exciting but when we did it the third time today it started to feel like routine. Almost. Still a bit scary to hang up there!

Try hanging in 17 meters in two ropes and a little chair! Not for the faint hearted!

We had to replace a block for hoisting the main sail since the old one broke apart the other day. A bit tricky but problem is solved now and we're good to go again!

By the way, the view from up the mast is just amazing!

Got a totally new perspective on our floating home from up there! Looked amazing!

Last updated 26 September, 2013