Why Opt for a Floating Home?

An apartment somewhere in the Mediterranean for the summer months was one option. Not a bad one but we wanted try if we can have all the Mediterranean as our home instead. Why be in one place, when with a boat one can see so many! And we are lucky to have one.

One could, of course, drive a car around the European coastline but we believe that through sea access, one can get a more genuine feeling of the place. The sea is after all, and essential part of the everyday life in all coastal cities and towns. Not to mention the islands – how would one do island hopping with a car? With a boat it is also easy to escape the crowds of the holiday season – just anchor up in a bay with no car access!

Of course sailing is not all glorious. On a boat, the everyday life is always a little bit trickier and requires better planning than on land. One can’t rely on finding a food store every day, there needs to be spare parts for all essential equipment, the fresh water can run out… But still, we see more pros than cons, which drives us to embark on this journey.

There is also a bigger plan behind this all. We want to try to the liveaboard life to see if we are fit for an even bigger adventure – circumnavigation. The Mediterranean ought to be an excellent learning ground and by October we should be if not Masters then at least Bachelors of Liveaboard Life.

Last updated 9 May, 2013