• Sailing


    Where to go next? A look at the pilot book, wind forecasts, recommendations given, and the internet. Then hoisting the sails and off to a new destination. This is freedom!

  • Journey FatCat


    The journey starts in Stockholm and ends in Greece. In between is five months of sailing, island hopping, seafood, adventures... and so much more!

  • Life@FatCat


    Life at FatCat is all about sailing, food, water sports, adventures, entertainment, sunsets, friends and family. A relaxed lifestyle filled with inspiring activities!

  • Cuisine

    Food is an essential part of the everyday life at FatCat. Around the Mediterranean, there’s no end to fresh seafood, fruits and local delicatessen available! Yummy!

  • Review FatCat


    We want to give a sailor’s perspective to marinas and bays we visit, restaurants we eat at, equipment we use... hope you find this useful on your own journey!

  • Sail With Us

    Live the journey through our stories and pictures along the way or contact us for real sailing! On the map you will see where FatCat is located and heading next!
    Sail With Us

  • Sailing catamaran Mediterranean Greece Athens

The Coolest And Toughest Thing

That’s it, project ’Sail Around Europe’ is over! 150 days, 11 countries, some 5000 sea miles...

African Fishing Or Rapala Lures

Our fishing hasn't involved expensive rods or lures. All we've had is a lot of line and imagination for home made lures! One factory made lure is, however, definitely worth investing in...


If you happen to visit Symi island (north of Rhodes), you cannot miss out on this place! The best restaurant dinner we have had in the four and a half months we've been out on the sea...

View From Above

Sooner or later we were bound to face climbing to the mast. For us, it was later than sooner - luckily!

Boat Grill is a Must Have!

Grill is the best investment we have made to this boat! We knew from the beginning we want to have one...

Italian Style

We love Italy! The food, the gelato, the architecture… Did we mention food? Italy’s definitely got taste and style!

Mistral, Rain, Thunder, Tornados…

Weather in the Mediterranean can be unpredictable, and change fast – that much we have learned! And it's not all sunshine...

Pictures Page is Up and Running!

Finally! It's not complete yet but we have put out a lot of new pictures along the way...

How Long Does it Take to Sail to the Med?

We have a good boat, an excellent crew and amazing luck with winds but still - it took a long time! This image tells you just how long...

First Catch!

It took some 3000 seamiles and a lot of patience but finally we caught it – our first fish! And not any fish but a 5 kilo tuna (our fisherman says it’s 7 kilos…)!