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    Where to go next? A look at the pilot book, wind forecasts, recommendations given, and the internet. Then hoisting the sails and off to a new destination. This is freedom!

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    The journey starts in Stockholm and ends in Greece. In between is five months of sailing, island hopping, seafood, adventures... and so much more!

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    Life at FatCat is all about sailing, food, water sports, adventures, entertainment, sunsets, friends and family. A relaxed lifestyle filled with inspiring activities!

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    Food is an essential part of the everyday life at FatCat. Around the Mediterranean, there’s no end to fresh seafood, fruits and local delicatessen available! Yummy!

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    We want to give a sailor’s perspective to marinas and bays we visit, restaurants we eat at, equipment we use... hope you find this useful on your own journey!

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    Live the journey through our stories and pictures along the way or contact us for real sailing! On the map you will see where FatCat is located and heading next!
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Favorites List No 1

We haven’t been eating out very much at all - the first weeks were non-stop sailing and then we reached Spain, with its excellent foods stores and markets!

We have, however, found a few restaurants and bars we want to highlight as truly worth the visit and money...

Journey Page Updated!

We have finally made our Journey page more reader friendly! Now it's more easy to follow...

¡Hola España!

The ‘stress sailing’ is over, and we’re past our first goal of La Coruña. Time to take it a little bit easier! Mañana mañana as the Spanish tend to say… hence, the delayed blog post!

Dolphins at Nightwatch

Twice already! What a nice surprise for a tired sailor to spot dolphins swimming around the boat at the early hours! The first time we had two cuties to follow...


Last evening we went out to town for dinner. We were craving for seafood, and with the help of a local lady and tripadvisor found this amazing crab restaurant by the harbor...

Le Crabe Martenau (www.crabemartenau.fr)

Tailwinds All The Way!

How about that! We cannot stop to be amazed by how lucky we’ve been with the winds...

Nice Progress!

The weather hasn’t been the nicest or warmest but that has meant good winds, which have taken us with an average speed of 7 knots all the way to Kiel already...

Be Prepared, Something Will Break...

That’s what we were told and of course knew would happen.

The boat was straight out of winter storage and the amount of things to be fixed and repaired is thus double, if not triple, the usual maintenance work...

This Baby is Sailing!

From planning to execution – finally! The last week was naturally full of delays and a lot of hassle… anyone surprised?

4000 Seamiles from Stockholm to Athens!

Have you counted the miles to this and that place? How long will it take to get to the Mediterranean? We have been getting these questions a lot. Funny enough we haven’t really been bothered with checking the exact numbers...