• Sailing


    Where to go next? A look at the pilot book, wind forecasts, recommendations given, and the internet. Then hoisting the sails and off to a new destination. This is freedom!

  • Journey FatCat


    The journey starts in Stockholm and ends in Greece. In between is five months of sailing, island hopping, seafood, adventures... and so much more!

  • Life@FatCat


    Life at FatCat is all about sailing, food, water sports, adventures, entertainment, sunsets, friends and family. A relaxed lifestyle filled with inspiring activities!

  • Cuisine

    Food is an essential part of the everyday life at FatCat. Around the Mediterranean, there’s no end to fresh seafood, fruits and local delicatessen available! Yummy!

  • Review FatCat


    We want to give a sailor’s perspective to marinas and bays we visit, restaurants we eat at, equipment we use... hope you find this useful on your own journey!

  • Sail With Us

    Live the journey through our stories and pictures along the way or contact us for real sailing! On the map you will see where FatCat is located and heading next!
    Sail With Us

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The Endless To-Do List

To make a dream come true, one has to put aside countless hours of work. There is a saying ’Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in you life’. Well, yes and no...

The Journey as We Imagine it Today

This is the journey as we imagine it now, and what inspires us to do all the hard work that is needed to make it happen. The route plan is not carved in stone, however. We like to keep some flexibility and go with the weather and anything else that might lead us in a new direction...

Why Opt for a Floating Home?

An apartment somewhere in the Mediterranean for the summer months was one option. Not a bad one but we wanted try if we can have all the Mediterranean as our home instead. Why be in one place, when with a boat one can see so many! And we are lucky to have one...

Welcome to SailingFatCat

Sailing embodies deep emotions - for many, freedom is the prevailing. The freedom to get from harbor to bay, from bay to island, from island to beach, from beach to town, from continent to another - traveling freely over water.

Sailing is an excellent way to be close to nature. One has to understand the surroundings to master the varying conditions fruitfully. When nature is kind, it makes for a relaxing lifestyle. Indeed, sailing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. And therefore, we sail...