Here you find our journey plan. Below that you find our journey history from the start.

Journey Plan:

Greece and Turkey until roughly 24th October

End Destination: Athens


21-22 May - The journey started in Västerås at lunch time, sailing nicely until Mälaren got so narrow that tacking into the wind was impossible. Our first dinner on board was served with the sun setting nicely right behind the boat.

24-26 May - Kalmar was our first stop after leaving Mälaren behind. We had some strong weather approaching us, and we're blown in for two nights.

Ystad, 27 May - Our autopilot was hungry for hydraulic oil and Ystad offered a nice pit stop location for that. What an amazing old boat equipment store we found!

28-29 May - After passing Denmark and the huge windmill fields, we arrived in Kiel. It was too late to enter the channel, so we waited one night in the marina.

29-30 May - Heat engine repair delayed the start of our journey along the channel so we spent a night in Rendsburg along the channel.

30-1 June - After passing the locks in Brunsbüttel, we headed straight towards the North Sea and England. The route towards the English coast had to be adjusted to the big traffic lanes going through.

1-2 June - The white cliffs of Dover were waiting for us once the mist dissolved. Now it was time to start worrying about the tides!

Cherbourg, 3 June - Crossing the English channel went without trouble, and we made a pitstop on the French coast in Cherbourg for some more hydraulic oil.

4-7 June - Before reaching Brest, we had some stressful hours without any engine power or autopilot, combined with strong winds. Luckily we got the reserve batteries to work, and could continue towards Brest. That was a nice ride in tailwind, surfing some big waves! In Brest, we had lots of boat repair and resting to do.

8-9 June - Lorient was only a pit stop for food for us, but we ended up anchoring for the night just outside the town entrance.

10-11 June - This cure little fishing town was one of the better stops along the French coast.

11-13 June - The yachting capital of Biscay was definitely worth a visit. The old marina in the heart of the city was magnificent, and the town was full of action!

13-15 June - Biscay treated us with calm weather but some nasty waves to be felt in the bottom of the stomach. We got several visits from dolphins again! The coolest one was in night time, watching the dolphins catching squids!

15-16 June - After two nights in Biscay, we needed a rest although the original plan was to head straight to La Coruña. A better planning of possible pit stop locations along the coast would have directed somewhere other than Avilés but at least we got some rest and tips on places to visit along the coast...

17-19 June - Viveiro provided us shelter from a heavy storm hitting the northwestern corner of Spain. There is an excellent food store just next to the marina, which has an amazing sea food selection! The journey's first moules, fresh fish, calamares, shrimps were eaten here!

19-24 June - A Coruña was our first 'goal to be reached', after which we had decided to slow down the tempo. We managed to time our visit in La Coruña with The Noche de San Juan fiesta, celebrated on June 23rd. The main beach was crowded with people, lighting fires made out of old furniture and pieces of wood. The deal was to jump over a fire to get rid of ‘the witches inside you’. We followed the locals!

24-25 June - From A Coruña we made it with record speed towards south, thanks to a strong tailwind. On the famous Costa del Muerte, we made 17.9 knots! We wanted to drop the anchor in daylight so we decided to stay in San Vicente do Grove.

24-27 June - In Baiona we experienced the first warm summer days of our journey. We anchored in the bay in front of the town and took the dinghy over to buy food, sit in a cafe working, and to see the sunset behind the castle. Charming place with amazing views!

28-30 June - Porto is a messy yet beautiful old commercial town, formed around port wine trading. The old town is one steep uphill with no real street plan. The coolest experience was the nightly dinghy ride from town to the marina located in the river mouth, combined with fireworks!

1-3 July - Cascais was the perfect location for exploring Lisbon and the surroundings! Cascais itself is a picturesque beach town with a good anchorage spot just in front of the beach. From Cascais, Lisbon was a 40 minute train ride away!

4-7 July - Portimão offered one of the better anchorages so far, right at the entry of Rio Arade. On the other side was a quiet beach with a few beach restaurants and the town of Ferragudo a bit further away. On the other side were two marinas and a busy tourist area.

Culatra and Olhau, 7-8 July - We made a pit stop here for a sleepover at the anchorage in front of Culatra island. Culatra is a flat island with no cars! Warning: finding diesel here was trickier than expected and we ended up in the fishing marina of Olhau!

9-13 July - Cadiz is a beautiful old Spanish town with a beautiful walk high up on the waterfront. There are a lot of options for anchorages in the Cadiz Bay - the marina in Cadiz is quite far from town next to the industrial harbor...

23 July - 4 August - On holiday from sailing.

4 August, Malaga

5-6 August, San Jose

7 August, Formentera

8-9 August, Ibiza Town

10-12 August - We anchored in three different locations in the Bay of Palma. The anchorage next to Porto Portals, west of Las Illetas was the most picturesque, while the anchorages outside Magaluf were too touristic to our taste.

12-17 August - We anchored in the bay of Santa Ponsa for five nights. Beautiful anchorage spot! The town is quite touristic but had all the basics we needed. The marina of Santa Ponsa is built in a natural bay and is absolutely beautiful! They have only two visitor places but we took the dinghy from our anchorage to hang out in the Club Nautic for internet.

17-22 August - Puerto Soller was definitely the highlight of our stay in Mallorca. What an amazing valley that stretched behind the Port of Soller towards Soller town! We took a long hike around the valley, past amazing gardens and green, flourishing nature. Port de Soller is an attractive port town although the water in the closed bay didn't really invite for swimming...

22-23 August - Puerto Pollensa was a quick stopover for us as we needed to continue towards Sardinia. A huge, beautiful bay with loads of good anchorage options.

24 August - We stopped in Mahón, Menorca for some food shopping before crossing over to Sardinia. What an amazing old fish market they had in the centre of old town! Mahón is a very picturesque town with beautiful houses surrounding the bay. It is a big sailing town as well. Too bad anchoring is no longer permitted except right at the entrance to the long, narrow bay.

24 -26 August - Central Mediterranean

26 -28 August - After sailing through the strait of Bonifacio, we wanted to find a sheltered anchorage and ended up in Cannigione. The town had good food shopping but was not very inspiring otherwise so we changed in the evening to the Maddalena archipelago, and anchored on the east side of the island Caprera for two nights. From there we took a daring dinghy ride to the town Maddalena.

28-29 August - We anchored in Isola Tavolara for one night after leaving the Maddalena archipelago behind. The island is characterized by the impressive mountain, occupying most of its surface. On the southwest corner there is an anchorage, beach and a few restaurants.

29-30 August - We anchored in Orosei for the night.

31 August -2 September - Cabo Carbonara is a big bay in the southeast corner of Sardinia. We didn't want to go all the way to Cagliari as we were heading to Sicily, so we stopped here for food shopping. Turned out the town Villasimus is quite a hike away... But the bay itself is excellent for anchoring, swimming and snorkeling! We even saw dolphins there! The marina Villasimius has good facilities and very friendly staff.

3-5 September - Trapani was our first stop in Sicily. We were only supposed to quickly visit a Raymarine service guy and continue onwards but ended up staying for two nights. The town has a lovely old part - what was best though was the huge market area for fish, fruits and local yummy stuff, scattered on the streets behind the marina. Go early in the morning!

5-6 September - Capo San Vito is a holiday town in the northwest corner of Sicily. Beautiful place with a good feeling!

6-7 September - We spent a night anchored in the bay in front of Mondello - a holiday town on the outskirts of Palermo. And a party town as well - the noise from the beach club (a very nice club by the way) explained why we were the only boat anchored there...

7-10 September - We spent three nights anchored in front of the old town of Cefalu. The town is full of restaurants and small shops for typical Sicilian delicatessen and handicraft. The square by the church is very nice and lively in the evening!

10-11 September - We spent the night anchored in Capo D'Orlando before continuing towards Messina the next day.

11-12 September - We arrived late to Bovalino, and anchored to be able to buy food the next morning for the crossing to Greece. Can't really recommend a stopover here but there were not many options on the south coast of Italy.

13-15 September - Argostolion is the capital of Cefalu, the biggest of the Ionian islands. It became our first stop in Greece as we wanted to have secure access to food and fuel after crossing from Italy. The town is not a usual Greek holiday town and doesn't have a beach but we enjoyed it anyway.

15 September - Assos is amazing! A petite and picturesque town with a few restaurants and hotels. There is a nice walk up the hill to the ruins of an old castle - the perfect sunset spot! Anchoring in the bay is a bit tricky, however, since there is room for only one or two boats.

16 - 18 September - Tranquil Bay and the bay after that offer good shelter for bad weather. The bays are outside of Nidri, a bigger town where you can most things and have you boat serviced. The town itself is unfortunately an untasteful turist location. However, the islands and bays with a day sails distance from there are just amazing!

18 - 19 September - From Nidri, we went to anchor outside Skorpios, the famous private island just outside of the town. The island is mainly known as the private island of the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis. The island is heavily guarded and entry is forbidden but anchoring in a small bay on the south side of the island is allowed.

19 September - We made a pit stop in Ithaca island in the beautiful town of Ithaki. The bay going into town was just amazingly green!

19 - 21 September - It took us two nights and one day to sail from Ithaca to Chania in Crete.

21- 23 September - Chania surprised us positively! Really nice town and cute little marina, where we got to rest after all the sailing. We felt like royalties with all those people watching us leave the marina and taking pictures!

25- 28 September - Chalki

28 September - 6 October - Rhodes-Panormitis-Knidos-Symi town-Turkey-Symi town-Mugla-Rhodes town-Panormitis. We had visitors on board and did a tour around Rhodes Island. Highlights of the tour were Symi town on the island of Symi, and the old ruin town of Knidos in Turkey!

7 - 10 October - Bodrum is a real party place of Turkey. As soon as the sun went down, neon lights colored the beachfront and music played until early hours. The marina there is really impressive with rows of beautiful wooden boats. The anchorage bay is also huge!

10 - 16 October - Bodrum-Kos-Kalimnos-Güllük-Didim. We did a tour on the Turkish coastline, and were slightly disappointed as we had higher expectations on Turkey. Probably we didn't find the gems this time...

17 - 19 October - Mykonos in Cyclades can be compared to Santorini. White houses, blue paint, narrow winding streets...absolutely beautiful! We were told that out of 17 million tourists to Greece each year, 11 million visit Mykonos! That was evidenced by the huge cruisers anchored in front of the town, even now in the late season!

20 -24 October - That's it, we made it from Västerås to Akropolis! Five months, some 5000 seamiles and quite some experiences richer! Sailors we met on the way couldn't believe we're doing this trip in 5 months. Coolest and toughest thing we have done so far, and we're extremely proud of it!

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Along the journey from Stockholm to Greece there are a lot of known and unknown destinations.

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