Sailing embodies various deep emotions - for many, freedom is the prevailing. The freedom to get from harbor to bay, from bay to island, from island to beach, from beach to town, from continent to another - traveling freely over water.

Sailing is also an excellent way to be close to nature. One has to understand the surroundings to master the varying conditions fruitfully. When nature is kind, it makes for a relaxing lifestyle. Indeed, sailing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. And therefore, we sail.

Liife at FatCat has many aspects to it:


Sailing supports an active lifestyle! How about windsurfing in the bay, hiking the hill behind the town, biking to the vineyard, playing tennis on the yacht club, running on the beach, practising yoga on the boat deck.... No getting fat on the FatCat!


On FatCat, food forms an essential part of the everyday life. There are no limits to the fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables and local delicatessen available! Whether the catch of the day is from the sea or the local market, the daily menu will support a healthy yet delicious diet!


Every bay and every marina can be the start of one. Just keep you eyes and mind open!


Local seafood is appreciated on FatCat. The Mediterranean is home to hundreds of species of fish and shellfish, just waiting to be catched! Hope not all species will be extinct after this summer...


Barbecue on the deck, pre-party before hitting the beach club, movie marathon on a rainy day, just letting time pass with a good book... FatCat is a flexible platform for all kinds of entertainment!


The search for the best ice cream bar in the Med is on. Reports will follow what we find and will eventually build into The Ice Cream map of coastal Europe.


FatCat is always on the hunt for the best sunset spot around!


Are missed most from back home. Hope to see you all on board!

Last updated 9 May, 2013