A glimpse to what we have seen and experienced along the way:

Walking in the footsteps of Aristoteles...

Didn't expect to be greeted by a pelican when going for dinner!! Turns out this bird is 'pet' to a local fisherman and hangs out in town while he's out fishing.

Summer doesn't continue forever on Mykonos either... Lovely beach front restaurants stood empty in the chilly fall evening.

The rows of beautiful wooden boats in the Bodrum marina was just amazing!

Poor wobbler took a beating from the big guy!

Flyfish for dinner, anyone?

You name it, he had it! Nice Turkish handcraft delivered straight to you by this boat-to-boat salesman!

Might just be the best food in Greece - made by Calliarios Pantelis! Restaurant is located in Symi town on the island of Symi.

Interested in a little renovation project? There's a property available at a prime location in Chalki!

Be careful of anchoring in Chalki - there's a big ferry arriving every once in a while that fills the whole bay! And a very angry coast guard guy to chase you out of the way! Except for the ugly ferry, we can highly recommend Chalki!

Got a totally new perspective on our floating home from up there! Looked amazing!

Chania honey! Cute little town front 'marina', protected by this wall.

Our last big crossing over the Ionian Sea was greeted by this sunset view.

Now we understand why Odysseus couldn't forget Ithaca! Some amazing scenery when sailing to the capital Ithaki, which lies at the end of a big bay.

The private island Skorpios. Don't try to go on land, the guards will get you!

Assos town on Kefalonia. Anchoring here is tricky since the bay basically fits only one boat, but if you're the lucky one to make it first, it's a treat!

The beautiful town and bay of Assos on Kefalonia. It's quite a hike up to the castle but the view makes it worth the sweat drops!

In the center here lies Myrtos beach - said to be the most photographed beach in Greece. We opted for a more private beach only accessible with a boat, however.

Our first dip in the Greek waters looked like this! Cliffs on the west coast of Kefalonia.

Greek winds have names.

Fruit market in Argostolion, Kefalonia. Best grapes in the world! Had to stock up only after a few hours...

Sailing in 8 knots thought the strait of Messina! Lots of ferry traffic to keep an eye on.

View through the town walls of Cefalu to the sea. And there's our boat!

Almost too narrow for a car! Street view of old town Cefalu.

This is where you buy your fruits in Cefalu!

Beautiful old architecture in Cefalu.

Mondello on the outskirts of Palermo. There's a nice beach club but if you want to sleep, anchoring in this bay is not the best idea... Except if you have earplugs!

Beachfront in Capo San Vito. A true Italian holiday town with a one of the best beaches in Sicily!

Trapani fish market offering. It involved a lot of yelling which is not captured here!

Melon wagon at the Trapani street market.

Trapani street market stall where we bought some bucatini (traditional Sicilian pasta), to be served with pesto Trapanese, which we unfortunately never tried...

Trapani harbor in Sicily.

Sunset after the rain outside Cabo Carbonara, southeast Sardinia.

Tornado sucking up water! Best to turn around now...

Only reason to recommend a visit to Villasimius - excellent gelateria!

Quiet streets of Santa Lucia. There were not many towns to be found on the east coast if Sardinia, and we were desperate for internet...

Beach bar at Isola Tavolara. There was a ferry bringing people from mainland for a beach day here. In the evening it was just the sailors!

Amazing fish market in the centre of Mahón, capital of Menorca.

View from our hike up the mountains towards Puerto Soller. That was a good 6 hour hike with some detours but we got to see everything from fruit gardens to beautiful sea view from a mountain top!

Lighthouse of Puerto Soller.

Las Illetas anchorage from land. The only good bar on land was exclusively for hotel guests, however.

Beautiful anchorage spot west of Las Illetas, just outside Porto Portals in Mallorca.

Luxury yachts lined up in Porto Portals in Mallorca. We didn't quite fit in!

The anchorage spot outside of Ibiza Town is a very good one!

Amazing morning sky on our way from Formentera to Ibiza.

Our first catch - a five kilo tuna! Caught on our way from mainland Spain towards the Balearics.

Puerto Sherry marina art.

The island of Culatra on the south coast of Portugal is barely above water...

Some strong currents between the island Culatra and mainland - no engine failures here please!

Yacht club in Portimão. Can't get much more chill than this!

Rounding the corner in Portugal towards Portimão.

SUPing in Cascais Bay.

Porto by night.

View of Porto old town. Have you ever seen more orange tile roofs!?

View from the Yetman hotel over the old town of Porto! This is the number one lunch-with-a-view spot in town!

Porto old town architecture.

River Douro leading to Porto. That was one long (and so cool!) dinghy ride with from the marina to town!

Entering Porto with no idea what to expect.

Saying goodbye to Baiona at sunrise.

Sunrise at our anchorage spot in Baiona.

Sunset at our anchorage spot in Baiona

Islas Cies at sunset. The islands are a natural reserve, and therefore one needs a license to sail and anchor there.

Coastline outside of Vigo.

Beach fires in Noche de San Juan fiesta in La Coruña! Get rid of those evil spirits!

Preparing for Noche de San Juan fires at sunset. Who has the biggest pile of old furniture and wood?

Street food in the Noche de San Juan fiesta in La Coruña.

Grocery shopping local style in La Coruña!

The main beach of La Coruña had the feeling of old glory and glamour.

Town view from the main beach of La Coruña

Cool old cannon on the Viveiro beach!

Viveiro is protected by a high breakwater.

Fresh moules for lunch in Viveiro!

A lone fisherman on the north coast of Spain.

Who needs real maps anyway! This is the local style!

Sunrise at Biscaya.

Playful dolphins greeting us on the Bay of Biscay.

Kids being towed to sailing class in La Rochelle.

The beautiful old marina of La Rochelle - the sailing capital of Biscay with all rights!.

Daredevil kitesurfer in Lorient! We were a bit worried when he fell to the water in that busy boating lane!

Sailing competition outside of Lorient! Took us a while to get through...

Sunset view when leaving Brest.

Dinner table at Le Crabe Martenau in Brest. Hit that crab!

Coastline just north of Brest at sunset.

Rounding the corner towards Brest.

Surfing the waves on Cotes du Nord. 14 knots!

Calm sea in the English Channel. Who said English channel can be tricky?

White cliffs of Dover.

Oil rigs on the North Sea.

Motoring through the green fields of Kiel channel.

Tanker being towed outside the entrance to Kiel channel.

Marina view in Kiel.

Green fields of Ystad on the south coast of Sweden.

Passing by Södertälje.

Sunset at Mälaren. Our first night on the boat!

Last updated 24 October, 2013